5 Slogan Tees I’m Loving Right Now

Today is something totally different from me but I decided to share with you the 5 slogan tees I am lusting over this month with plans to purchase a couple. Slogan T-Shirts are great to wear on there own for an everyday outfit or for wearing under a blazer to add an edge to a more dressy outfit.

1) This is a great one from ASOS, I love this for its fun and cheeky slogan, let’s not pretend that us girls don’t love being in the no bra club the best feeling ever taking it off at the end of a long day. This one is so versatile and easy to style due to its colour schemes, I would pair this with some high waisted black skinny jeans with a dogtooth checked blazer over top. The red would just add a pop of colour to the look.

2) The next is a cute but simple baby pink tee from Topshop (side note in my opinion Topshop always do the best slogan t-shirts). The FFS is in a delicate italic font making it feminine and girly. I would style this with blue boyfriend jeans and some sock boots, chuck a teddy coat over the top and you’re good to go.

3) Another Topshop number again with the pop of red. I love this one because it is edgy yet has a feminine appeal with the slogan. This would be another one great to style under a blazer but I would personally style this again with some black jeans and a black leather jacket over the top with some red boots to tie the outfit together. A great casual but stylish outfit.

4) Now a bargain tee from New Look at just £7.99. This is a great casual everyday t-shirt with a cute slogan. Easy to style due to the body of colour being white. Would go perfect with some mid wish blue boyfriend jeans and a pair of trainers.

5) Last but not least another one from New Look, keeping with the pop of red theme. This je t’aime t-shirt reminds me of an old school varsity tee. Very classic and again easy to style. I would pair this with a denim skirt, tights weather depending (definitely tights at the moment) and a pair of black ankle boots or trainers.

T-shirts and slogan t-shirts alike are a great basic staple to have in your wardrobe, they are versatile and easy to style making throwing outfits together much easier. Can’t wait to get my hands on a couple of these.. would love to hear if you have seen any slogan tees that you’re loving recently. Let me know in the comments. All the links to the products are down below and these pictures are not my own they have been directly taken from retailers websites. As always Thanks for reading!!

Jem xo

ASOS Noisy May ‘no bra club’ t-shirt £12

Topshop ‘For Fakes Sake’ t-shirt £16

Topshop ‘Power of Love’ t-shirt £16

New Look ‘Je T’Aime’ t-shirt £9.99

New Look ‘feelin peachy’ t-shirt £7.99

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