Investing in You First and Foremost

I’ve been off work for almost a week and it’s been great to spend some quality time with my friends and family but it’s also been great to spend some quality time on me. Pampering myself and generally working on me and what I want. I’ve spent more quality time in the gym these last 7 days than I have in the last 7 months and I feel great for it.

Whether it’s taking that extra 10 minutes relaxing in the bath with the newest edition of Porter or better yet a glass of wine, fake tan thursdays or pushing yourself that bit further at the gym it’s so important to spend some quality time working on you because the more time you put into yourself the more in turn you can give to others.

Start each week with a fresh mindset and goals, something you can work towards instead of playing life blind. Make sure they’re reasonable and achievable you don’t want to set yourself up for disappointment! Positive mind, positive life! Keep this in mind.. As soon as self investment becomes part of your everyday life it’s time to focus on everyone else. Focus on the people that really matter, only invest time in people you know would do the same for you! Get rid of the people who don’t make you happy, your happiness has to be your choice! There are so many things to be grateful for, always focus on the positives!

When you invest time in yourself so many opportunities will arise, if you can’t take yourself seriously no one else will! Putting you first and foremost ensures you become the best version of yourself what more could you want?

Jem xo

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