A Day in The Windy City

A whole 17 days since I last posted, just call me the worst blogger in the world.. However I am on my holidays, I’m currently in Houston, TX visiting my Dad and his wife for thanksgiving. We were lucky enough to spend a weekend in Chicago the weekend just passed spending quality time with old friends, Christmas decorating and drinking a lot of (repeat a lot) of red wine. On Sunday we spent a great day in the heart of the city and I wanted to spend this morning filling you in on the fun.

We started the morning by taking a walk up the Magnificent mile (Michigan Ave) and eating warm croissants at the Nutella cafe.. anyone who knows me well enough knows Nutella is my absolute favourite so naturally this place was high up on my to do list. Nutella stuffed croissants and Nutella hot chocolate, a chocolate lovers dream!! For those of you who haven’t been to Chicago or are planning to go Michigan Avenue is the largest shopping street in the city with the likes of Sephora, Zara, Burberry from high street to high end the list goes on, so obviously it would be rude not to do some shopping. Very unlike me but I only left with one item from Zara and a couple of Chicago Cubs merchandise bobble hats.

We took a walk down to Millenium Park to snap up some cool photos of the Bean and the beautiful Christmas tree in the park. The bean or the Cloud Gate to give it its official name is one of, if not the biggest sight seeing landmark in Chicago and its not hard to see why. The sculptures surface is reflective and reflects and distorts the cities skyline. Millenium Park is beautiful at winter and has a huge ice skating rink right in the heart of the city. A great place to spend a few hours.

The afternoon held the main event where we went to see A Christmas Carol the play at the Goodman theatre. Unfortunately (correct me if I’m wrong) but I don’t think a Christmas carol is a stage show in the U.K, not yet anyway! But if you are in the Chicago area this is a production you don’t want to miss!! It’s a family favourite and really gets you into the Christmas spirit.

Winter has never been a time where I have been in Texas visiting so getting to experience thanksgiving and the lead up to Christmas is something special for me. Although now I’m well ahead of myself and too excited, I am due home on Sunday is it too early to put up the Christmas tree..?? As always if you have made it this far thanks for reading and to all the people in the US Happy Thanksgiving when it comes!!

Jem xo

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