My Up to Date Skincare Routine

Now that January is over.. thank god! I thought now would be the appropriate time to share with you my updated skincare routine!! Skincare is something I have really started to focus more on in the last year or so, before i didn’t pay much attention to my skin I was all about the make-up. But I’ve come to realise that with a heavy focus on skincare and healthy glowing skin your make-up application will be 1000x better. Plus the older you get the more important it is for you to look after your skin.

Skincare is something very personal to each individual so what works for me may not work for you guys but there is no harm in sharing some of my faves. Cleansers are the base to a solid skin care routine and I switch these out for new ones quite often, it’s all about finding the right combinations that work for you.. recently I’ve been loving the Naobay equilibria milk this was actually one of the products from December last years Glossy Box but I have been loving it ever since, it starts off as a thick gel but once you apply it to your face it turns to a milk consistency. It feels so soft and gentle on the skin and leaves you feeling very hydrated. Some cleansers can be quite harsh and leave your skin feeling taught and dry. My only bug bear with this is that it smells like Royal Jelly products, that sort of signature old people smell.. (not selling it to you I know)!! This is around 10-12£ retail price and you just have to search the internet to find it. A more accessible and very similar product that I’ve been using in rotation with this one is the L’Oréal fine flowers milk this i love!! It’s a milk consistency from the off, smells so pretty and fresh without being too harsh and applies like a dream to the skin not to mention this was like £8 for 400mls.. bargain!! L’Oréal have really upped their product game recently especially skincare. For a really affordable drugstore cleanser I still love the Cetaphil daily cleanser and this one is perfect for sensitive skin.

Toner wise I’ve stuck by my ever trusty Pixi glow tonic, I use this morning and night and just pop a few drops on a cotton pad and apply all over my face. This product does contain 5% glycolic acid but it is extremely mild on the face making it suitable for all skin types. This leaves my skin looking healthy and glowing by combatting the dead skin cells and dullness. Coming in at £18 for a 250ml bottle in my eyes this is totally worth it and it will last you a good couple of months if you use it properly. For quickness I always carry a Mario Badescu rose or aloe facial spray to act as an on the go toner and it doubles up as a make-up refresher throughout the day.

Acne treatment wise I am lucky that for the most part my skin cooperates and I don’t need to incorporate this into my routine for everyday. But when I do have that stubborn breakout I use the Mario Badescu drying lotion. You just pop it over the breakout at bedtime and you wake up in the morning and it has completely dried it out to the point where it has nearly vanished overnight. To be honest I’ve never tried anything different as this has always worked so well for me. It retails for £16 but like I say it’s not something I have to incorporate on a daily basis.

Moisturiser by far my fave step out the whole skincare routine. There is nothing better than finding a great moisturiser that works so well with your skin. At the moment I have been loving the Body Shop Vitamin C moisturiser which is a thick gel formula. The gel is orange in colour and smells like fresh oranges (the best in the morning). Although the formula is rich when you apply it, it soaks into the skin so quickly and leaves you feeling hydrated and awake. The formula also doesn’t leave a tack to the skin which I love that’s what primer is there for! I would honestly recommend this product to anyone!!

At night time I throw a serum into the mix and the one I’ve been using most recently is the Dr Botanicals rose facial oil. Now I spoke about this in my last Glossy Box post so I won’t talk about it to much.. but in short it is a lightweight oil, a few drops onto the face every night and it provides total hydration. A little on the pricey side but so worth it!! A few nights a week I also like to treat myself to a face mask. I like switching it up between pore cleansing and hydrating so the 2 I have been using and loving (which may come as no surprise if you have read some of my previous beauty favourites) are the Origins clear improvement clay mask and the glow recipe watermelon mask. The origins one applies like a paste and dries hard, you leave it on for 15-20mins and you can feel it drawing out all the impurities. Be forewarned the tightness in your face can be uncomfortable but it’s worth it for the results.. Beauty is pain and all that! The glow recipe watermelon mask has been a favourite of mine for months, you apply it all over like a moisturiser and then head to bed and let it work it’s magic. It’s as simple as that, no need to wash it off it simply soaks into the skin over night!! Easy peasy..

Last but not least drink plenty of water and always take your make-up off before bed!!!

So there we have it! That was my quick (or not so quick…) run down of my current skincare routine and the products I’ve been loving. This was a hella long one so if you’ve stuck around to this point as always thanks for reading and let me know in the comments your recommendations for flawless skin. Products mentioned listed below…

Jem xo

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