My Top 5 Eyeshadow Palettes

A lot of the make-up products I use remain a constant but the one thing I love to switch out and try a lot of is eyeshadow palettes. Your eyes completely change a look, applying a little extra shadow can make your look go from 0-100 very quickly. 

Coming in at #5 is the Kat Von D’s shade and light eyeshadow palette, this is a high end palette neutral day to day palette. It is split into 3 segments of 4 shadows and each section contains a base, contour, highlight and definer shade. The palette contains a mix of warm and cool shades, all the shades are matte which I love! The mix of powders makes this palette great for everyday. Every matte eyeshadow in the palette is very finely milled making them extremely pigmented and easily blendable. The bonus is that if you buy this now it comes in a new design hard shell case with embossed writing meaning it’s sturdy and easy to clean. I got mine a while ago so I have the old style cardboard palette which has faded and doesn’t look great anymore (cry – any excuse to buy a new one). Luckily in the U.K. you can get Kat Von D at Debenhams beauty counter now Kat Von D shade + light eye contour palette, £37.

The MAC burgundy times nine palette is #4 the description is in the name it is exactly what it says it is 9 shadows in burgundy shades and some matte browns for transition. There are 5 shimmer shades and 4 mattes. I love this palette for everyday this is one of those palettes that transitions from day to night by just adding a few shimmer shades. The mattes are very finely milled and pigmented however the shimmers aren’t my favourites I find they work best with some max Fix+ or any setting spray to make them more foiled. Buy it here Burgundy Times Nine, £25.

#3 in the top 5 is smash YouTuber Carli Bybel and her collaboration with BH Cosmetics together they have released a 14 shadow eyeshadow and highlight palette and recently they have extended their colab by releasing a deluxe version of the original palette. I have her original palette and within about a week of trying and testing this I was obsessed. I have never had such an affordable palette with this high quality powders. The pigmentation is insane, the palette is similar to the shades of the burgundy palette from mac incorporating both mattes and shimmers but with a lot more neutral brown shades for defining. Not to mention the highlights are crazy. For her first make-up colab Carli really knew what she was doing. The pans are so creamy and blendable and are great for dramatising any look. The packaging is so unbelievably cute the greyish/whiteish front with the silver lettering is very aesthetically pleasing and her signature penguin really tops off the cuteness. She always opens her videos with a positive empowering quote so it’s great to see this palette carry that tradition on as below the mirror inside is says “aspire to inspire”. The original palette has been discontinued but you may be able to find it on the likes of eBay or amazon but be very careful with that.. but BeautyBay have knocked it out the park and are selling the deluxe edition directly from their website BH Cosmetics x Carli Bybel deluxe edition palette, £22 I would imagine this will be a very quick seller so be quick. Also check out Carli’s own new brand Pranava Beauty for her stunning charity bracelets for the WAH foundation.  

The runner up at #2 is the Tarte tartelette in bloom palette. When I first got this I didn’t think I would ever need another eyeshadow palette ever again (oh how wrong I could be I just can’t resist the newest hype). Tarte have killed it as always with the packaging the pink and purple mosaic print with the gold italic writing is to die for. It’s also a hard case which I love and it’s easy to keep clean and fresh looking. The palette contains 12 shadows again a very similar colour palette to the previous 2 mentioned ranging from white through browns and it even includes a darkest brown almost black shade. There are 9 mattes and 3 shimmers which I love as matte shadows are much more wearable and workable for all occasions. The pans in the palette are a great size for what you are paying and the colour pay off is one of the best. I don’t think Tarte have ever came out with a bad product.. and they’re cruelty free which is the most important thing!! A must buy in my opinion, unfortunately Tarte isn’t as easy accessible in the UK! It can be purchased on QVC but at a little more of an extra cost or it can be purchased directly from Tarte but you may incur carriage charges from the USA to the UK. Don’t take my word for it as I purchased this in Sephora. Tartelette in Bloom palette, £41.

And my winner, my holy grail, my hands down #1 the Anastasia Beverly Hills modern renissance palette. There are not enough good words to describe this palette.. when I first seen it I remember thinking ok I’m far too basic I will never make this work for me but please take it from me you NEED this. The palette contains 14 of the warmest creamiest most blendabilist (that is so not a word) shades I have ever came across. It ranges from pinks for a more dare devil approach to your eyes to warm browns that are perfect for every day and any kind of make up look. The matte shades are so finely milled and pigmented making your blending so easy, honestly anyone can make this work. The shimmery shades also have great colour pay off which makes this palette even more worth the money because you don’t have to work these with Fix+ they are highly glittery and pigmented all on their own. The best high end make up palette for sure and ABH finally have a UK website!!! Yes girls Anastasia Beverly Hills, modern renissance palette, £41. You can also purchase this at online beauty outlets like cult and beauty bay. 

These are palettes I will always enjoy using but I can’t wait for all the new releases coming up in the future. I’m a sucker for a palette so you know I’ll be buying them and reviewing them. As always thanks for reading, I appreciate all your comments and love and feel free to contact me on instagram etc I’m always happy to hear what you’s think!! 

All swatches are my own.

Jem xo

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