What’s in my Current Make-Up bag?

This week has been a hectic one so sorry for the delay in posts, but today we have the what’s in my make-up bag tag this is one of my favourite blog posts/YouTube videos to watch. I love seeing what products other beauty bloggers recommend and are loving at the moment, so here’s mine.

Skincare is the number one most important step in make-up application and it’s something a lot of people skip out on. Having a good solid skin care regime for the morning and night is essential to not only having flawless looking skin without make-up but also for when you have your face on, buuuuut that’s for another blog post.. However the one skincare product that does deserve a mention is the L’Oreal age perfect golden age rosy re-fortifying day cream. The product itself is pink in colour which helps to minimise the appearance of dark spots giving you an all over flawless finish. Not to mention the gorgeous scent of rose this product leaves on your face. This is an item I have used every day for the last 2-3 months and I will continue to use as it creeps into the colder months. Another product featured in this post which doubles as a skincare product and a make-up finishing spray is the Mario Badescu rose water spray, can you see the theme here.. I love the scent of rose and it’s pink!! What more could a girl want it looks lovely in amongst my make-up collection. Rose water has a multitude of benefits for the skin so it’s not hard to see why it’s been described as the beauty’s magic potion. It is said to balance the pH of the skin and control any excess oil, helps to reduce redness and inflammation to the skin (dry and sensitive skin girls this ones for you). It contains anti-bacterial properties, is an anti-oxidant, hydrating the list goes on.. don’t believe me look it up for yourself. 

It’s coming into the Autumn (or if you live in Scotland where we completely skip the in between) the winter months where matte skin is all the rage. My favourite foundation to use in this instance is the BECCA ultimate coverage complexion creme. When I first put this product on my face I was almost sure I was going to hate it. It is the thickest consistency in a foundation I have EVER used but I couldn’t have been more wrong and this has fast became my holy grail foundation for a full matte coverage. A little bit and I mean a really little bit goes such a long way with this product but once it’s applied every imperfection, every pore has been erased. The end result is a dream. For the past 3 years I’ve never looked the direction of a foundation brush because the beauty blender completely changed the game. I never thought I would need a foundation brush ever again. However for the best finish with this foundation I use a densely packed flat topped kabuki brush to buff in the product for a lighter more even coverage then bounce the beauty blender over the finished look to get rid of the brush strokes. A little more pricey than your drugstore foundations but in my opinion worth every penny.

Tarte shape tape has been the most talked about concealer of 2016/17 (maybe even the most talked about beauty product of this year in general). You will struggle to find a beauty blogger or make-up artist who is not in love with this product and it definitely does not disappoint. I was lucky enough to get my hands on this at the beginning of August and I have been testing it out ever since. I’m not sure I will ever pick up another concealer ever again, well I’m exaggerating slightly but it will definitely take a lot to out do this product. Tarte have absolutely nailed it with this one. There’s no reason to go into detail with this one it speaks for itself. It’s a full coverage but lightweight creamy product. Smooth application and easily blendable. Highlights the under eyes perfectly lasting all day when set without creasing. Amazing enough said. Shout out to my dad and sister for sourcing me this in Sephora. 

Loose powder is something I’m reluctant to change up because my under eyes are prone to creasing and I’ve found one that really works for me. The Laura Mercier translucent setting powder is another well know beauty product that is recommended by a number of beauty experts and beauty bloggers. I didn’t think I was ever going to find a powder I liked with my dry skin but this product has completely changed the way I apply my make-up.  This has featured in the blog before so I’m not going to bore you guys with what this does or how it works but this product has stuck in my make up bag for the last year and I’m almost out, definitely time for a re-purchase!! 

A full blown dramatic smokey eye is certainly not my everyday go to look (most people who know me know no make up is 100% my go to look) but this MAC burgandy times 9 eyeshadow palette is great for those days where you do want to put something on your eyes without looking too extra. This was gifted to me by my best friend so I’m not sure if you can buy this product as it comes or whether this was custom made but these are my staple shades and exactly the shades I would choose. The mixture of matte and shimmery colours are great for creating a variety of looks. This palette has lived in my make-up bag for a long time now and is always the one palette I grab for when travelling. The eyeshadow pans are quite small but this has lasted me a really long time. Some of the shimmery shades need a bit of work to get the colour pay off you’re looking for but if you use these with Mac’s FIX+ these apply so foiled and glittery. A great small and easy palette to keep in your bag for everyday!

Mascara is one of those products I have countless tubes of and mix and match between all of them all the time but this one has been the winner for the last month or so. The L’Oréal volume million lashes is an affordable drugstore mascara and great for everyday. I personally don’t like to wear false lashes as I have long lashes anyway. So this mascara helps to enhance my natural lashes, it has a nice large wand applicator which grabs all the lashes and makes application quick and easy. This may replace my original fave L’Oréal telescopic but we’ll have to wait and see. 

A good bronzer and highlight duo go hand in hand and this combination have been my favourite recently. Both of which have featured on the blog before in my 2017 holy grail products. The TooFaced milk chocolate soleil bronzer and the Becca shimmering skin perfector in opal. I am a massive fan of the natural glow from within look as opposed to the sharp contour (not that I don’t enjoy that from time to time) but for everyday this is my go to combination. The shades of these products are perfect for when my skin is at it’s natural colour giving me a natural bronzed and highlighted look. The BECCA highlighter has been my favourite for a long long time, i’ve tried to swap this out for new ones but this always ends up finding its way back into my make-up bag. 

Even on the days where I’m not wearing make up I like my brows to be tamed and my favourite drugstore products for this is the L’Oréal brow artist plumper. This has fast become my new favourite because it doesn’t only set your brows in place but it adds fibre to your eyebrows making them look more full without actually applying any product. I use this regardless of whether I’ve used another brow product or not and I cannot leave the house without this!!

Last but definitely not least, and probably my favourite aspect of make up application LIPS. I am a massive fan of the big bold and matte with a good defined lip line etc. But when it comes to everyday there are two items that have made it into the make-up bag, Lush’s bubblegum lip scrub. I cannot tell you how much I love this product, I use it everyday morning and night. It’s an exfoliater but for your lips, the beads aren’t extremely harsh but they leave your lips looking and feeling amazing and its bubblegum flavour and I know you all want to know yes it does taste like it too which makes using it extra enjoyable. It is a dead certain that I will continue to repurchase this product. After the lip scrub the one lip product I keep in my bag for everyday is the L’Oréal lipgloss in cream 103 protest queen, this is a thick nude/pink lipgloss which is great to top almost every lipstick or perfect for days where you don’t have any make-up on but still want to have glossy looking lips. 

We have finally got there and if you’ve stuck around to read all this then thank you so much!! I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what products are featuring in my make up bag right now and maybe you have seen something you might like to try yourself. Ps. My make up bag was a freebie from YSL but it’s a great size for fitting into my handbag for everyday. 

Jem xo 

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