The November Round Up

Can you believe its December already… this year has flown in! Safe to say I am so so so excited for Christmas and everything that comes with it!! Just a quick post today updating you guys on all the products I was loving last month, enjoy!!!

Starting off with face products, I have been trying a few new things recently but not long enough to say whether or not they are a fave.. however there are 2 stand out products for me this month which are.. the Fenty beauty universal powder and Kat Von D’s lock it tattoo concealer. The Fenty powder is a pressed translucent powder suitable for all skin types. It’s great for popping in your bag for touch ups throughout the day, the powder itself is so silky and leaves your skin looking airbrushed, it’s amazing at controlling any oil and keeping your skin matte throughout the day without giving that cake face appearance. Have to say I find it hard to get excited over powders because Laura Mercier is my holy grail but this one is definitely a winner not to mention the packaging is so sleek. Other than her liquid lipsticks I have never tried any Kat Von D beauty products so I decided to try the lock it tattoo concealer after hearing good reviews. I haven’t wanted to try a new concealer since Tarte shape tape but as it’s hard to get your hands on in the UK I wanted to have a good alternative. Shape tape is still definitely my favourite but this one is great also. It’s a lovely formula not too heavy under the eyes more sheer but still excellent coverage. I love all of the Kat Von D packaging and this isn’t any different , the wand has a great pointed applicator making it easy to apply under the eyes. The only thing I would say is that you definitely have to set this with a powder pretty quick to prevent creasing because it is a lighter formula and is at risk of cracking.

I have another stand out Tarte product this month. The lights camera flashes mascara, this is not a new product to me however this edition and the purple sparkly packaging is! As soon as I seen this in Ulta I just had to have it the packaging is so cute and Christmas appropriate. I love this mascara because of the large thick applicator as it catches all your lashes in one go making it quick and easy application and you have perfect lashes every time.

Lip products have definitely been my favourite this month. And I have a few to mention, after trying the Kat Von D concealer I went back to using my bow and arrow liquid lip and I have fallen in love all over again. The formula of this lipstick is amazing it dries down to a matte so quickly but is still comfortable on the lips. The colour is to die for at this time of year and i have been wearing this on repeat. I have another bite multi stick to mention this month in the colour Cashew, this is just the perfect comfortable lipstick to wear on the go, quick and easy application and it is a stunning darker brown nude my favourite!! These multi sticks are amazing, definitely give them a try! And finally a lipgloss, I’ve been more into gloss this month due to the colder weather and my lips feeling more dry and my fave this month is definitely the Jouer lip topper in rose gold, this is the shiniest lipgloss with flecks of glitter throughout, makes your lips look so plump and it smells like a dream a chocolate coffee scent!! Amazing..

The last two products to mention are more random they are Viktor and Rolfs perfume in Bon Bon and a Bath & Body works candle in Marshmallow fireside. The perfume is one of my favourites and again not a new one. It’s a gorgeous sweet caramel deep smell and it’s lovely for the winter months as it’s a ‘thicker’ scent if you get what I’m saying.. probably not! Viktor and Rolf have also started doing their fragrances in candle form, very exciting! The marshmallow candle is the one thing I stock up on in the states c’mon Bath and body works bring your goodness to the UK, this candle is literally Christmas in a candle I can’t even explain how good it smells just sweet warm goodness if you’re ever near a Bath and Body works store you need this!!! These 2 products are great Christmas gifts also.

Wow this felt like a long one.. if you’ve read this far then as always thanks for taking the time to read. Let me know what products you have been loving this month and if there’s anything you think I need to try. Hope you are all getting right into the Christmas spirit!!!!

Jem xo

Products Mentioned

Fenty Beauty Universal Powder £24

Kat Von D lock it tattoo concealer £20

Kat Von D everlasting liquid lip (Bow and Arrow) £17

Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara £22 **LIMITED EDITION**

Bite Beauty Multistick (Cashew)

Jouer Lip Topper Rose Gold £13.50

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