Take a Bow Fenty Beauty

The beginning of a new week means a new review post. I am so late to the Fenty Beauty bandwagon but here it is.. I finally received my order in the mail late last week and I have been trying the products out ever since. Of course the reviews in this post are my initial opinions on the products and I’ll be sure to keep you’d up to date on these items throughout the month. Also do you like what I did with the title.. Anyway!!! Enough blabbering lets get to the good stuff.

I was very selective about the products I purchased from this collection, after watching countless YouTube video reviews and reading blog posts I finally commited to buying the pro filter soft matte longwear foundation, the killawatt single highlighter in trophy wife and the gloss bomb universal lip luminizer. The packaging for all the products is stunning and the boxes completely contradict the packaging inside. The cardboard is very dark and grunge and kind of reminds me of the Jean-Michel Basquiat collab with urban decay. Then inside the product packaging is very soft and minimal, sticking to the nudes and whites.

Ok so the foundation, firstly and I know everybody has said this but forty shades?!?! Hats off to Rihanna for her first launch releasing a foundation which has a shade for every skin tone imaginable, that is unbelievable and needs to be recognised. I know a lot of people were disappointed that there weren’t any eye make-up products in this release but I personally love that Rihanna and Kendo put so much focus into the face and base. I skipped out on the primer in the collection and went straight to the foundation. I wanted to see how it worked on its own but the primer is definitely something I’m considering for future purchases (sorry bank balance). The foundation is true to its name creating a soft matte filtered look on the skin. It blends into the skin flawlessly without sinking into your pores leaving a smooth and even finish. The foundation is definitely matte but without making your skin look dull and lacking in that glow. It is a more medium coverage but definitely buildable which makes it suitable for everyday. All in all I just absolutely love this foundation, my only wish is that I bought a darker shade.. I would definitely advise heading to Harvey Nichols and getting colour matched properly if you can’t be sure online.

As a fair skinned gal I thought trophy wife would never ever work for me.. but then I watched Amanda Ensing and Jamie Genevieve’s review videos and after seeing how flawless they looked I thought there is no way I cannot have this!!! Never have I ever seen a more gold and pigmented highlight in my whole life. The pressed gold powder is absolutely stunning and I have seen so many beauty bloggers of all skin tones and shades pull it off. For me a little goes a long way but you dew you girl, smother your whole body in it if that’s what makes you happy. The formulation of this product is stunning the powder is so creamy and pigmented it glides across the cheeks effortlessly leaving you looking like a gold goddess. This has certainly been the most talked about product from the release and I can see why.. the pictures and swatches circulating the internet speak for themselves. Absolutely stunning!!!

Last but not least the gloss bomb lipgloss. I hate how much I love this product (excuse the Rihanna pun) but let’s face it how many lip glosses does one girl need and it doesn’t exactly fall into the affordable category. For me it’s definitely not a must have from the collection but I do love it and I’m a sucker for a lip product. The shade is a stunning nude, like a your lips but better making it again suitable for all skin tones. I have to say this is one of the best formulations I have seen in a lipgloss for a long time, it’s moisturing without being too sticky which is great because is there anything worse than stepping out the door and having a full head of hair stuck to your lips, definitely not! It is also pretty longwearing and most importantly it really does make your lips look great. Smells lovely too!!

Rihanna has killed it with her beauty debut and Fenty Beauty is definitely a line she can be proud of, can’t wait to see what comes next!!!!

Jem xo

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