Outerwear an A/W Edit

I’m back guys… wow this week has been an uphill struggle that is for sure. I’ve been well and truly floored with the flu, YUCK. But i’m back and feeling almost back to my normal self. This post has been a lot longer in the process than I would have hoped but the upside to […]

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An Autumn Haul: Topshop Edition

Topshop is always a great place to go for Autumn/Winter staples so this week I browsed the new in section to put together some Autumn style outfits for you guys. I have tried to incorporate some items that you may have had in your wardrobe from summer that we can transition into the colder months, […]

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Topshop: A knitwear haul

Autumn/Winter is hands down my favourite time of the year especially on the fashion front. It’s that time of year where your outfits don’t have to require a whole lot of thought, you can throw on a cosy jumper with a variety of bottoms and you are good to go!! Topshop has definitely been my […]

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Battle of the Concealers

I feel like 2018 has been the year of the concealers there has been the beauty worlds fave tarte shape tape, then the it concealer of the drugstore hit the market to try and steal the limelight, make-up revolutions conceal and define. Then in the last few weeks TooFaced have released their revamped born this […]

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Time to Catch up …

Nursing life has definitely been kicked up a notch in the last couple of months, (almost 3 to be exact).. 3 months since I’ve even thought about sitting down to write a blog post. My weeks have consisted of working more 12 hour shifts than my body can handle and more stress and tears than […]

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My guide to Travel Essentials

So June has been a very busy month on the travel front I have been away more than I have been home so now seemed like the perfect time to talk about all of my travel essentials. There is nothing worse than the panic at the airport like you maybe forgot something.. I’m anxious enough […]

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Bayswell with Bae

You don’t have to go a million miles away to get that relaxing break away from life and all the crazy-ness that comes with it. Last weekend my boyfriend and I packed our bags and headed up to Dunbar for a night away at the stunning Bayswell Park Hotel. Both having busy jobs and shifts […]

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The Glow Up

Glowing skin is what all us girls strive for right?? So today’s post is all about the products that will give us just that.. Glow-y skin starts with the perfect base and I have a few products to mention that I personally love – Firstly Glow Recipe’s watermelon Sleeping mask.. need I say anymore?! We […]

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The Culottes

We’re getting to that stage in the year where you throw on all the layers first thing in the morning because it’s a little more on the chilly side (or if you live in Scotland like me it’s ”bloody Baltic”) but by lunch time the sun has made an appearance and your more sweaty than […]

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