Battle of the Concealers

I feel like 2018 has been the year of the concealers there has been the beauty worlds fave tarte shape tape, then the it concealer of the drugstore hit the market to try and steal the limelight, make-up revolutions conceal and define. Then in the last few weeks TooFaced have released their revamped born this way multi-use sculpting concealer. I got my hands on all three to put them to the test and see if these other products really have knocked shape tape off the top spot..

Tarte Shape tape is not a stranger to this blog, and is a product loved by beauty bloggers/influencers the world over. It has been recommended by artists of all skin shades and types and up until very recently was the most talked about concealer of the beauty world and definitely the one to beat, but is that all about to change? With 30 shades tarte certainly take poll position for the most inclusive of the 3 products. Coming in at £22 for 0.3381 FlOz (approx 10ml), however here in the UK this isn’t so easy to come by and you made end up paying a little more for this product. Come on Tarte do us a solid and bring your beauty goodness to the UK.. Product claims to be full coverage, easy to blend and won’t crease/flake on the skin. Vegan friendly and cruelty free, +++

The new TooFaced multi use sculpting concealer is certainly in the running for my personal new fave, at £24 for a whopping 0.5 FlOz (10ml) that is almost double the product than you get in shape tape for a minor £2 more and you can nip to your local Debenhams and pick this up hmmm, definitely more bang for your buck!! However there is a little less in the shade range at 20 different shades, so there may be a few of us who are a little in between. TooFaced claim this product is full coverage, easy to use and long lasting and again vegan and cruelty free yaaaay.

Finally Make-Up Revolution conceal and define is the new drugstore concealer taking the beauty world by storm, this product has been said to be a dupe for tarte shape tape but for a fraction of the price. This product comes in at an incredible £4 for 0.14 FlOz approx 4mls. You may go through this a little quicker but you could buy this nearly 6 times over for the price of shape tape… I’ll leave that there! With a whopping 25 shades (massive round of applause for the drug stor) you are almost guaranteed to find your shade in this range. Make-Up revolution are a vegan and cruelty free drugstore brand which is a massive plus and they claim that there is a shade for everyone in this product.

So let’s get down to the good stuff, has shape tape really been knocked out of poll position in the concealer world.. when it comes down to formulation all 3 products are very similar but not the same. They all have virtually identical claims the main being that they are all full coverage, this I would 100% agree with. The make-up revolution concealer really blew me away with how well it lasted throughout the day. To give each product a fair chance I applied my make up how I always would and set the products in the exact same way. Tarte shape tape is definitely the most creamy and durable of the 3, I find that often this product looks better the longer you wear it, it is extremely breathable despite being full coverage and takes on a second skin like appearance throughout the day. The conceal and define from make-up revolution is slightly more sheer than shape tape but once on the skin side by side it really is hard to tell the difference. The born this way concealer really ticks the affordability bracket for a high end brand with the amount of product you get for your money. Formulation wise it is slightly more drying than the other two but saying that this is the one I felt looked best on my skin, it completely blurred any fine lines and wrinkles and looked completely airbrushed once set.

At the moment the TooFaced one definitely is my favourite when reaching for a high end concealer due to the way it looks on my skin and the fact it’s easy to get my hands on when I need to re-purchase. However I am definitely not ready to say goodbye to my tarte shape tape just yet if ever, this has become a make up staple for me and there is no denying it is one of the best in the business. The make-up Revolution has by far become my go to for everyday and my favourite drugstore concealer. I will continue to buy this over and over again. For those of you who want a high quality but affordable product that really stands the test of time I urge you to go out and buy this right now and I would agree that this is a great drugstore dupe for the worlds best high end concealer!!!

After trying the make-up revolution concealer I have been trying and testing their foundation stick so who knows that could be making an appearance in a monthly faves very soon. Thanks for reading and let me know in the comments what your favourite concealers are

Jem xo

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