Outerwear an A/W Edit

I’m back guys… wow this week has been an uphill struggle that is for sure. I’ve been well and truly floored with the flu, YUCK. But i’m back and feeling almost back to my normal self. This post has been a lot longer in the process than I would have hoped but the upside to being sick all week has meant that I’ve been able to scan every inch of the internet to bring to you guys a round up of all my fave coats for this season, so get your browsers at the ready because it’s time to shop shop shop…

In my opinion coats or jackets are the most important item in your A/W wardrobe because really it’s so cold that’s all anyone’s getting a look at anyway. Are you living your most glam life or are you in your pyjamas? Who knows and who cares? Stick on a killer coat and you’re out the door.

Wool/Shearling/Borg has been a statement style/fabric in coats in previous years and there is no change this season. My personal fave this year is the longline coat in these fabrics, in this haul these coats are the higher end of the price scale but these are items you can bring out year after year in the colder weather + they come in so many fits and colours so there is something out there for everyone.

borg coats

Trench coats have been a big mood this Autumn especially with everything from your standard nude beige trenches that I have featured in a previous post (How To Style: The Trench Coat) to new fits, colours and fabrics. One of those being the leather or vinyl trench which I have definitely been loving. I’ve featured 2 that really have stood out to me this year..


Next up Aviator coats a fan favourite.. I find this fit for sure the easiest to style as you can shove on jeans, a pair of chunky boots and your fave hoodie and then chuck your aviator of choice on over the top. Last year I stuck with black but this year has seen so many new nude tones that are just gorgeous.. Another style I feel goes hand in hand with aviator jackets are trucker/check jackets or shackets so I’ve thrown my fave in this style in for good measure.

aviator trucker.jpg

Lastly puffer coats… an on the fence item. Some people love them some people hate them, some people can really pull them off and others feel like they just don’t have it. However I LOVE them.. the shorter style is what i’m gravitating more towards this year so I’ve featured my 2 favourites so far this A/W..


Coats/Jackets are 100% my favourite thing to shop and style this time of year and quite honestly I’ve more than what I know what to do with but I hope you can all find something you like or something to add to your Christmas list. Links will be down below and I will also add all of these to my 21 Buttons account I would love to hear what styles/fits are your favourite this year.. until next time!

Jem x


ASOS Brushed Statement Coat with Buttons £85

ASOS Hybrid Utility Trench Coat in Camel £95

Topshop Ecru Faux Shearling Biker Jacket £65

Topshop Blue Check Jacket £59

Topshop CHICAGO Brown Belted Vinyl Coat £59

H&M Double Breasted Wool Mix Coat £99.99

ZARA Faux Shearling Coat £89.99

ZARA Oversized Puffer Jacket £59.99

Mango Faux Shearling Long Coat £119.99

LilyLulu Oversized Wet Look Belted Hooded Puffer Coat in Black £65

LilyLulu Double Breasted Oversized Longline Borg Teddy Coat in Pink £60

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