Time to Catch up …

Nursing life has definitely been kicked up a notch in the last couple of months, (almost 3 to be exact).. 3 months since I’ve even thought about sitting down to write a blog post.

My weeks have consisted of working more 12 hour shifts than my body can handle and more stress and tears than I at times thought possible but I wouldn’t change it for the world. The last couple of months have been far far from the glam life so there really has been slim pickings on the Beauty front to talk about. However yesterday was my birthday and going into a new year this felt like as good a time as any to make a re-appearance in the blogging world, this is my place to get away from the 9-5 (so to speak) and share what I truly love the most.

With regards to my blog as a whole, it has underwent a massive revamp and I feel so much better and positive about it. I got caught in a rut for a while there of trying to find out what I really wanted to get out of this, comparing myself to what other people were doing and kicking myself about how my site looked + the quality of the content I’ve been producing. Buuuut I’ve given myself a shake and realised that this is an escape and my space to share what I love and what makes me happiest, no other reason!

So I’m stepping into 23 feeling so thankful for the year that has passed and hopeful for the year that’s to come and more importantly I cannot wait to dive face first into the Autumn/Winter fashion and beauty releases, stay tuned guys!!

Jem xo

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