My guide to Travel Essentials

So June has been a very busy month on the travel front I have been away more than I have been home so now seemed like the perfect time to talk about all of my travel essentials.

There is nothing worse than the panic at the airport like you maybe forgot something.. I’m anxious enough travelling as it is so being organised is key!

The perfect summer bag is an essential.. you want something stylish but still practical that fits all your beach goodies. This years trend has definitely been the basket bag and I bagged myself a beautiful rainbow number from Bershka (links will be below). It is practical fits everything you need and not to mention super pretty.

Once you’ve got the bag you need the items.. these are my essentials to carry whether i’m travelling to my holiday destination or spending the day by the pool.. #1 your fave pair of sunglasses, my ride or die are my Quay x Desi High Key Fades but for a more affordable pair shop around, the likes of primark, new Look your high street life savers have always got some of the best. I got a beautiful pair of classic black oversized sunnies for £7.99 in New look recently as opposed to spending £50-£100 on a designer pair of sun specs. #2 on the list a great read!! This summer I read the gorgeous Louise Pentlands debut bestseller Wilde Like Me, 100% recommend!! Read it then pass it on to all your gal pals a really feel good girl power book, what’s better?? #3 my essential in any handbag not just my summer/travel.. my Olympus Pen!!! You don’t need to splurge on a high quality camera this summer just make sure you pack your iPhone and snap up all your holiday memories!!

When it comes to Beauty and skincare when travelling I used to be very guilty of the whole overpack and take your entire make-up collection for a 7 day trip.. not anymore! I enjoy so much more now the minimal approach when on holiday so now i only pack my favourites! When you’re in the heat you really need a good hydrating moisturiser and an SPF. My favourite moisturiser of the moment is the GlamGlow Glowstarter moisturiser. This is a thick and creamy product which has a tint to it so once applied gives you that ”Instagram perfect” blurred out skin. This product comes in 3 different shades so is perfect for everyone. I usually add in a small amount of one of my go to BB creams and whap on a bit of concealer and that’s the base done.. If you take anything away from this post then please let it be this – invest in a good facial SPF!! This is a must have for every day even in the winter but is so so important in the summer months. We want to have the best youthful looking skin for as long as possible right? Right! So we have to look after it. Almost, if not all major beauty brands will have an SPF in their line so you just have to shop around and see which one works for you. My go to at the moment is Glossier’s invisible shield which contains SPF 30, it is a clear gel formula which dries quickly and leaves no visible white cast so not too worry about looking crazy in any flash photography.. £20 but in my opinion well spent!! Alternatively find a moisturiser and SPF in one to avoid layering products. Another essential for glowing summer skin is the Pixi glow tonic this never leaves my side and my skincare routine wouldn’t be complete without it.. this is the only toner I have ever used that I feel I see immediate results with and let me tell you the glow is real!! I honestly can not recommend this product enough for the quality and affordability and I will continue to purchase again again enough said.. Last but not least for skincare and everyday life in the sun a good lip balm. Now I’m not gonna sit here and recommend these to you because they are literally everywhere find one you like then slap it on at any given moment. Trust me burnt lips are not fun!!

When it comes to make-up to store in your travel bag there are 2 products I wouldn’t go without, a liquid highlighter and setting spray. I have been using the kiko illuminating drops recently and for the price they really are bang for your buck. They are creamy + blendable and are very layer-able so whether or not you like the glow from within or I want my highlighter to be seen from space look this one is a winner. Secondly setting spray.. let’s face it whether we want to admit it or not in the summer sometimes we give off the more sweaty oiled up appearance than the healthy glow that we’re convincing everyone we have.. that being said the last thing you need is for your make-up to be slipping around everywhere in the heat. My holy grail setting spray has to be the Urban Decay all nighter, no matter how many I try I always find my way back to this one not to mention they do this product in travel size so perfect for throwing in your beach bag.

We all leave the house on the day of travel vowing that we are going to be as airport travel chic as possible but let’s be serious travelling really is not that glamourous.. for the most part your sat in a stuffy airplane for ex amount of hours and 9 times out of 10 when you arrive at your destination you can’t get into your accommodation because housekeeping haven’t been in to clean it yet despite check out being 5 hours ago.. by this point you look more like sweaty slob than casual chic (how do these celebs do it?? Walking off the plane looking like a runway styling team have got their hands on them).. Not real life!! I always pack a pair of comfortable but cute slides in case your choice of travel footwear is now completely ridiculous and swimwear so that even if you can’t get into your room to glam yourself before heading to the beach you can still head straight out and enjoy the rays in more weather appropriate attire!!

This year is the most organised and efficient not to mention light I have ever travelled, you have to be ruthless when it comes to packing for holidays we don’t really need a different pair of shoes for every outfit and 6 different foundations.. I hope you enjoyed this read and as always a big thank you!!

Jem xo

Products Mentioned throughout:

Bershka Rainbow Colour Straw Bag £35.99

QUAY X Desi High Key Fades £50

Black Square Oversized Sunglasses £7.99

Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland £7.99

Olympus Pen E-PL8 £449

GlamGlow GlowStarter Moisturiser £36

Glossier Invisible Shield SPF30 £20

Pixi Glow Tonic £18

Kiko Metal Fusion Highlighting Drops £4.40

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray (travel size) £10

ASOS jelly flat sandals £12

ASOS Petite Contrast Mono Stripe Swinsuit £22

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