The Glow Up

Glowing skin is what all us girls strive for right?? So today’s post is all about the products that will give us just that..

Glow-y skin starts with the perfect base and I have a few products to mention that I personally love

– Firstly Glow Recipe’s watermelon Sleeping mask.. need I say anymore?! We could invent a drinking game for the amount of times I’ve mentioned this product on here. I love this product for achieving a perfect base because it’s so simple but effective.. whap a thin layer of this all over your face before bed, sleep and wake up with skin that looks refreshed and bright! It really is that easy..

– Tarte Maracuja Oil my dry skin saviour; I use this every night before my moisturiser and this provides me with so much hydration over night literally my skin feels like it has drank a glass of water come morning. This can also be used mixed with more matte foundations to give them a more dewy appearance, perfect for the glow up!!

– Next step an illuminator, now this step is totally up to yourself you can either apply this on to your skin on its own before make-up or mix it with your foundation. I do a mixture of both depending on the foundation. At the moment the illuminator I have been loving is the Gigi Hadid x Maybelline strobing liquid. It is a bronze illuminator which helps to bring some life and bronze goodness to the skin.

When it comes to foundations the worlds your oyster, there are so many great glowy skin foundations out there! Hint look for the ones that describe themselves as dewy, second skin, lightweight you won’t go far wrong. At the moment I have no staple foundation to share with you guys as I am a crazy woman when it comes to base make-up and I am literally between about 6 different formulas and brands at the moment but when I land safely on my go to I’ll be sure to let you know!!

– A good make-up fixing/priming/setting spray is essential for that illuminated and effortless skin look. MAC Fix+ in the coconut scent is my personal favourite. Whether I use this as a quick and easy toner for the days I’ve no make-up running out the door or I’m using it to set a full face of glam not a day goes by this product doesn’t grace my face. Spraying this on to a finished face of make-up is so satisfying it sets your make-up perfectly in place and blends all the products into one another so seamlessly. A must have!!

Now a glow up isn’t a glow up without one very special product…

– Highlighter!!!! The one product that takes your make up from zero to hero in 0.2 seconds.. and I have a diamond to share with you. It’s drugstore, it’s less than £10 and the glow is real!! It’s maybelline’s chrome highlighter in molten gold!!!! (Queue the round of applause).. Maybelline have truly pulled it out the bag with this one, so finely milled pigmented and dreamy. It applies like butter on the skin and doesn’t exaggerate any texture. Stop what you’re doing right now, nip to your local boots pick this up and thank me later!!

– A glossy lip just tops off the whole look and Fenty’s gloss bomb is my holy grail!! This is another product I’ve banged on about enough so I’ll leave it there but 100% recommend!!

Glowing bronzey skin is my favourite go to look and these are just some of my favourite products I’ve been using recently to achieve that. Thanks to everyone for reading and I’d love to know what products you guys love for your glow up!!

Jem xo

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